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>    From: Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>    For the rare cases where you need more than one Layers dialog, you
>    can open a second (or even a third one). At least currently GIMP
>    doesn't keep you from doing that.
> Using 2.4.0, I tried opening three images, and typing ctrl-L in each
> to open a layers dialog.  It only opened the one dialog (and again, as
> soon as I move the mouse into one of the images, the image in the
> layers dialog changes).
> Nor was I able to do it from either the file menu on the toolbox or
> the dialogs menu on the images.

All of the tabs in a particular dock are associated with the same  
image. If you change the image that is associated with the dock  
(either through a change in focus or explicitly in the 'Image  
Selection' drop-down), each of the dialog tabs of that dock are  
updated with the corresponding information. If you add an additional  
Layers tab to a dock, it would end up being just a mirror of the  
original Layers tab because it is associated with the same image.

However, if you place that second Layers dialog in a different dock,  
the other dock can be associated with a different image from the  
original dock.

To create a second Layers dialog, use the "Add Tab->Layers" command in  
your Layers window's menu and then drag the newly created tab off the  
dock. Alternately, you could create your new dock by opening any  
dialog which is not already open (for example, using  
"<Image>/Dialogs->Histogram"), and perform the "Add Tab->Layers" in  
that new dock. You will want to configure the new dock so that the  
"Image Selection" drop down is visible and not set to Auto.

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