Sven Neumann wrote:

> Michael Grosberg wrote:
>> My second suggestion - I think it was discussed before - is to  
>> switch the
>> functionality of the "add layer" button in the layers menu, at  
>> least as
>> an option:
>> click will create a new empty layer, shift-click will open the new  
>> layer
>> dialog.
> I am concerned that we are hiding important functionality here and  
> that
> most users will never figure out how to get the dialog in case they
> should need it. But since even the UI team seems to suggest that we do
> this change, we should probably do it all over the user interface  
> then.
> There are a few more places that use "Shift suppresses dialog".

yep, _even_ we think this is necessary from an interaction
point of view. ;^}

but watch out broad-brushing this over all dialogs that use
"Shift suppresses dialog" at the moment. for every one of these
the _right_ choice needs to be made, depending on our essential
user scenarios and our product vision.

> Again, this should be rather simple and if Peter gives his OK, then we
> just need someone to preparse some patches.

I say we put this on the 2.6 roadmap, the UI team can go through the
list of all of these and publish a spec with rationale of which
should be switched over, which can then be reviewed.


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