On Sun, 2007-11-04 at 13:16 +0000, Michael Grosberg wrote:

> The first is to take, if possible, the "tools" dialog, and incorporate it 
> into the "toolbox" tab in the preferences. Then remove the tools dialog as 
> a separate dialog.

That's reasonable and it has been suggested before. Just needs someone
to write the patch for it. It's simple enough that the core developers
shouldn't have to deal with it. And that is probably why no one has done
it yet.

> My second suggestion - I think it was discussed before - is to switch the
> functionality of the "add layer" button in the layers menu, at least as 
> an option:
> click will create a new empty layer, shift-click will open the new layer 
> dialog.

I am concerned that we are hiding important functionality here and that
most users will never figure out how to get the dialog in case they
should need it. But since even the UI team seems to suggest that we do
this change, we should probably do it all over the user interface then.
There are a few more places that use "Shift suppresses dialog".

Again, this should be rather simple and if Peter gives his OK, then we
just need someone to preparse some patches.


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