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> Hi,
> On Sun, 2007-11-04 at 13:16 +0000, Michael Grosberg wrote:
> > The first is to take, if possible, the "tools" dialog, and incorporate it 
> > into the "toolbox" tab in the preferences. Then remove the tools dialog as 
> > a separate dialog.
> That's reasonable and it has been suggested before. Just needs someone
> to write the patch for it. It's simple enough that the core developers
> shouldn't have to deal with it. And that is probably why no one has done
> it yet.

Thanks for the kind replies. I should have figured it would have been
suggested before. Are you planning to create some "todo" list for new
developers so they know this has been suggested?

I guess you're right about the transient dock option: 
I almost always open a single image when working with Gimp.
It's a pity... somehow it fit my own use perfectly and I didn't notice
anything wrong until I just now started to play with minimizing and 
restoring multiple windows. But perhaps it's still better than the
current situation... I'm not sure anymore.

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