On Sun, 2007-11-04 at 13:16 +0000, Michael Grosberg wrote:

> My third suggestion - and this is based on personal experience - is to 
> return the "transient dialog" option, not just as an option but as a 
> default if possible.

This option still exists, see the gimprc man-page.

I would like to bring it back for 2.6, perhaps even as the default. But
my experience is that it didn't work well enough to be even considered
as an option. It works to some degree if one is working on a single
image. But as soon as more than one image window is opened, or if
there's no image window at all, the whole things breaks terribly.

It would probably help a lot if we made sure that there's always an
image window opened. As soon as that has happened, we can unifiy the
toolbox and image menu and we can reintroduce transient docks.


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