> I like the idea of having this functionality available. I have tried the 
> patch and it seems very capable. There appears to be bug which presented
> itself when I did the following: ...
Thanks for the "bug report".  I'll take a look at it.> As a general comment, I 
would point out that this interface might present
> a problem in the future when "in-place" text editing is implemented. Since
> the primary function of the tool is text input, perhaps it would be better
> to require a modal key (ALT?) when adjusting the frame so that, in the
> future, unmodified mouse clicks could be used to specify cursor location
> and text selections.
I hadn't thought about this, but it seems to me that it would
be simpler to distinguish between clicking (used in in-place
editing) and click-and-drag (used for modifying shape).  But
in general I am absolutely delighted to leave that sort of question
to the wisdom of Peter and his cohorts.
-- Bill
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