On Dec 6, 2007 2:10 PM, peter sikking <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> When 2.4 came out, I made a statement that that day was also the
> end of fire brigade mode for the UI team. So can we do this in the
> right order please:
That is only fair and I think the results will be better this way.

> 1) we decide that this issue is worth our limited resources and
>    has higher precedence than other issues (that will remain unsolved);

Who do you mean with "our limited resources", the UI team, the
programmers or the complete team?

> 2) we therefore put it on the road map, stating what we will tackle,
>    leaving out the ambitious stuff;

Do we/you have a list with the impotents of the different issues?
Can we use the road map for this or do we need a second list?

> 3) UI team creates a UI solution and writes spec; meanwhile a
>    technical proof of concept (feasibility) can be lashed up;
> 4) real code gets written and tested;
> 5) user manual gets updated.
> So right now for this issue only the second part of point 3
> (the lash-up) has been done. I am not sure this issue will pass
> point 1, at this moment.
And now my question to the list is, what should we do with code,
that doesn't pass point one but is already written (like here) and
improves Gimp?
Of cause this question only affects tools or functions, where we
don't have any UI specs.

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