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> 8. improve the text tool
> Evaluation:  Most of the points mentioned here would be relatively
> simple to implement.  One of them -- the ability to have multiple
> text items within a single layer -- might not be simple, and it should
> be considered whether this would better be dealt with by implementing
> layer groups.

Pango allows to change fonts and style in the same PangoLayout, so I
don't see how this could be particularly difficult to implement.

> Evaluation:  Nothing is easier than getting rid of a dialog, and simply using
> default values.  Most of the dialogs are actually present for a reason, 
> though,
> even if it isn't obvious.  For the rotation tool, for example, if you make an 
> error
> and need to make a slight correction (and the preview isn't enough to tell
> you what you need), then the only way to do it is to note the angle that you
> see in the dialog.  There must be a better way to solve this problem, but 
> until
> such a better way is found, getting rid of the dialog is impossible.  So it is
> with most of the dialogs in gimp.

Some dialogs seem to be considered avoidable though. We already allow to
skip them by means of using the Shift Key. The UI team promised to make
us a list of dialogs that should by default be suppressed. As soon as we
have that list, we can start to do the changes. That should be easily
doable in almost no time.

> 1. single window interface
> Evaluation:  This is straightforward, but it will take considerable work.
> The hard part is that the image-containing part of the interace must
> have pretty powerful window-management capabilities, and the code
> for this, as far as I can tell, would have to be written from scratch.  If
> it was just a matter of tabbed images, or if we could somehow find a
> window manager written in pure Gtk+ code (with minimal X code), then
> it would be a lot simpler.  In any case, nothing prevents this from happening
> except limited developer time.

I think you are misinterpreting this. As Peter says: 
"We have not reached a conclusion yet on the introduction of a single
window interface. We are positive that the current situation needs to be

I don't see a WiW user interface coming to GIMP, ever. This is so
backwards, I can't even believe that it is still being discussed. While
this is an often requested feature, almost all of us, including the UI
team, seem to aggree that there are better solutions to this problem. So
let's concentrate on them and migrate the GIMP user interface towards
our vision which is an image-centred user interface without a pointless
gray backdrop.


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