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> I see the list below of what needs input and they are all 
> worthy problems to solve. But they look to be in part 
> different problems than the ones discussed for the roadmap 
> two months ago. There lies the problem.
> I will give direction for the small ones on the list below that
> have bug numbers. I am still putting out small fires. ^}
> the big spec ones need to be roadmapped to get done...

There are two big things that are definitely roadmapped for 2.6
and need specifications from the UI team.  The first is the merged
menus.  This was done at the suggestion of the UI team.  Some 
infrastructure has already been created, but it is not possible to go 
farther without a specification -- or, to put it differently, it is not 
possible to go farther without making assumptions about what the 
specification will be, which Sven thinks would be hostile to the UI 

The other critical thing (less critical because it is not quite ready
to be implemented) is that the canvas drawing will be moved to
Cairo, which will give a lot more freedom to make the tool interface
look better.  It will soon be possible to improve the interface for
the crop and rectangle-select tools, among others, and it would be
very helpful to have a specification for what the interface should
look like as soon as the Cairo-drawing is in place.

In general there seems to be a misunderstanding here.  I believe
Sven is reluctant to "definitely roadmap" anything that will affect
the interface without first getting input from the UI team.  But it 
seems that the UI team is reluctant to create a specification until 
something is "definitely roadmapped".  I believe that the only
way around this impasse is for both the roadmapping and the
UI specification to be done interactively, by means of ongoing
discussion between the UI team and the developers.  

The fault is not all just on one side.  Peter in his LGM presentation has
given a list of what he considers the top 10 priorities (linked from ), but there is no
way he can know how easy/hard each of them is to implement, and
it is up to the developers to give feedback.  I will make a start on this
in the following email message.

  -- Bill

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