On Thu, 2008-01-24 at 20:20 +0100, peter sikking wrote:

> Even before 2.4 came out, I was warned that not to much UI
> work could be done for 2.6. GEGL first. OK. suits me, that
> leaves a period where the UI analysis can get (finally!) done
> and a transition can be made towards tackling the mayor UI
> issues in GIMP systematically, based on a UI masterplan.

Sorry. But perhaps we should have explained that better. Only one or two
people are working on the GEGL transition and that is good because
throwing more developers on it would not help at all. So that leaves
room for other improvements and we definitely want to get some UI
changes into 2.6 still.

By now we should have enough of an idea of the GIMP's user interface
problems that we should be able to start working towards a better one. I
don't believe in masterplans. In particular not in masterplans that take
years to write, when at the some time we could already have them


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