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>  8. improve the text tool
>  Evaluation: Most of the points mentioned here would be relatively
>  simple to implement. One of them -- the ability to have multiple
>  text items within a single layer -- might not be simple, and it should
>  be considered whether this would better be dealt with by implementing
>  layer groups.
> Pango allows to change fonts and style in the same PangoLayout, so I
> don't see how this could be particularly difficult to implement.

The idea I was responding to was, as I understood it, basically to have
multiple PangoLayouts within the same layer.  Even that would probably
not be so difficult to implement, but I think it would probably cause more
harm than good.

> I don't see a WiW user interface coming to GIMP, ever. This is so
> backwards, I can't even believe that it is still being discussed. While
> this is an often requested feature, almost all of us, including the UI
> team, seem to aggree that there are better solutions to this problem. So
> let's concentrate on them and migrate the GIMP user interface towards
> our vision which is an image-centred user interface without a pointless
> gray backdrop.

This attitude strikes me as too rigid.  Adding a WiW interface would be
very unintrusive -- almost the only changes in existing code would be to
make docks and images into children rather than toplevels.  (There
would also be some changes in menu code and sessioninfo handling.) So 
if  somebody came along who wanted to work on it, I don't see any good
reason for forbidding it.  I understand the fear of confusing users, or
of creating maintenance problems, but it does not seem to me that
those worries are sufficient in this case.

  -- Bill


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