Liam R E Quin writes:
> Seems to me that probably most people will use at most a couple of the
> layer modes in normal use, so maybe putting the top 7 on the menu and
> having a "more modes" submenu is a possibility.

Eek, please no! Often the best way to use layer modes is to go down
the list one by one, which would become even worse if you had to
click through a "more" submenu each time. Bad enough to have to
go to the bottom of the menu then wait for it to scroll.

Personally I'd like Bill's side-by-side mode menu, just because
it would be faster, and a shorter distance, to get to most entries.
But Sven does have a good point that it implies there's a connection
between each side-by-side pair of modes.

Bill wrote:
> I don't think I have to persuade anybody that this is less than
> ideal from a usability point of view.  The question is, can we do
> anything to make this better

I don't have a great solution, just a few specifics the gtk widget
doesn't do well that I wish the modes menus could handle better.
Like the fact that clicking on the button pops up the menu, but not
always with the current mode selected -- sometimes it's the mode
above the currently selected one, so I can't just arrow down once
and assume I'm on the next mode -- I have to look at the current
mode before I click, then choose the next one explicitly.

And I wish there was a faster way to select them by keyboard than
the current "click on the button then use up or down arrow" ... I
wish I could type ad and be on Addition right away.

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