I got to thinking some more about this discussion about the mode
list UI. What I've really always wanted for the mode list (but
didn't want to say because it didn't seem like a good general
UI model) is a sort of "mode tool": a way to keep the mode
list menu posted so I can change modes on the current layer with
a single click. 

In a way, the mode list is like the font list in the text tool: that
combobox, like the mode option menu, is way too long and unweildy to
navigate, but for font choosing you have another option, the Fonts
dialog, which makes the process a lot easier. I've always wished
I could have something like that for the mode on the current layer,
so I could easily try each layer mode sequentially.

And then I realized that it's actually quite easy to have that now,
with no gtk changes needed. Just write a little script that changes
the current layer's mode to the "next" one. So here it is:

If you do this layer-changing often, just bind Layer->Next mode
to a key, or use tear-offs to keep the Layer menu posted so you
just need to click on "Next mode" repeatedly.

And now I no longer wish for some new exotic option menu replacement. :-)

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