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> Liam R E Quin writes:
>> Seems to me that probably most people will use at most a couple of the
>> layer modes in normal use, so maybe putting the top 7 on the menu and
>> having a "more modes" submenu is a possibility.
> Eek, please no! Often the best way to use layer modes is to go down
> the list one by one, which would become even worse if you had to
> click through a "more" submenu each time. Bad enough to have to
> go to the bottom of the menu then wait for it to scroll.
> Personally I'd like Bill's side-by-side mode menu, just because
> it would be faster, and a shorter distance, to get to most entries.
> But Sven does have a good point that it implies there's a connection
> between each side-by-side pair of modes.
> Bill wrote:
>> I don't think I have to persuade anybody that this is less than
>> ideal from a usability point of view.  The question is, can we do
>> anything to make this better
> I don't have a great solution, just a few specifics the gtk widget
> doesn't do well that I wish the modes menus could handle better.
> Like the fact that clicking on the button pops up the menu, but not
> always with the current mode selected -- sometimes it's the mode
> above the currently selected one, so I can't just arrow down once
> and assume I'm on the next mode -- I have to look at the current
> mode before I click, then choose the next one explicitly.
> And I wish there was a faster way to select them by keyboard than
> the current "click on the button then use up or down arrow" ... I
> wish I could type ad and be on Addition right away.
>       ...Akkana

Yes Bill's screenshot shows that huge gap at the top which is a another  
gtk widget defect.

All of these points seem out of reach to Gimp so long as it is restained  
to use these widgets (GTK+ is notoriously refractory to change or requests  
 from outside).

If there's need for functional change the only possiblity is probably for  
gimp to have its own menu widget, which could be forked from the existing  

This menu is overloaded and more clicking and jiving would not make things  
easier. Maybe the GUI guys could look at why there is so much content  
here. Are there maybe different use categories that are all getting called  
modes and so getting grouped together when functionally they could be  

I have not looked at this in detail but my gut instinct is that this has  
grown and evolved and now there's a need to take a step back and look at  
structure rather than remain concentrated how to change the menu.

regards, gg.


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