I'm recently working on developing new PaintBrush extension framework.
It's on early development stage, but I'd like to get comments about
the framework.

This framework provides the way to add new features to the PaintBrush.
Framework itself is very simple: Add many event handler chains such as
"motion-event-handler" to the PaintBrush, PaintBrushOptions, and PaintBrushTool.
PaintBrush calls the handlers to "change" the behavior of the brush.

This framework is designed based on the following concepts:
- Flexible:
 Developer can easily add new features to the existing codes.
- Modular:
 Each new features can be implemented in one modules. two independent
 features are separated in other modules, and developers can develop
 new code independently.
- Dynamically loadable (planned)
 New features should be dynamically loaded on startup.
 Developers can distribute new features as a separate shared library.

Currently patch against GIMP 2.4.1 is available. (Sorry, but it can't
be applied to
the latest stable release.)

You can get the patch from


gimp-custombrush-2.4.1-sig-080311-1.diff is the latest development snapshot.

I'm implementing color blending feature and line smoothing feature as examples
of the framework.

You can also see some examples of the currently working demonstrations at

I'm keeping development of this framework and want to commit this
framework in the
If you have any comments about this framework or similar ideas, please
let me know.


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