On Mon, 2008-07-07 at 19:15 -0700, Valerie wrote:

> Half the current default is made up of non-editable round-ish 
> brushes (that in my opinion makes the brush editor hard to 
> discover, because new users end up wondering why the brush 
> editor never works. In fact, I start each new installation of
> Gimp by sudo rm-ing the extra round brushes and replacing them
> with one editable one).

What version of GIMP are you using? We replaced all the roundish pixmap
brushes with parametric ones for GIMP 2.4. The actual problem is not
that the brushes would be pixmap brushes. They are just not editable
because they are in the system brush folder. What needs to be done is to
add code that makes system brushes editable by transparently copying
them to the users folder when the user clicks the "Edit" button.

Sorry, your brush contest sounds like a nice idea. But it would not
solve the problem that I tried to outline above. Also there are some
more problems to solve before we can accept larger brush collections
into the default set of brushes (or even into the gimp-data-extras
package). One of these problems is currently being solved as part of the
Google Summer of Code. GIMP 2.8 should allow you to organize your
brushes using tags. But that still doesn't solve the problem that all
brushes (and other resources) are read into memory on startup. See 


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