On Wed, 2008-07-09 at 09:34 +0300, Alexia Death wrote:

>  > As soon as you copy them, they can be edited.
> Why couldn't that copy be made for the user on profile creation?

Last time we discussed this, we decided against copying all resource
files to the user folder. But perhaps we need to reconsider this. There
are some questions that need to be solved before we can do this though:

 - How can the user resurrect brushes that she removed?
 - How can we make sure that scripts don't break.
 - Is copying really the best solution?

>  > Having them read-only ensures that scripts can rely on them
>  > being available in their original size and shape.
> If that is the intent why does the user need to see them at all? Cant 
> they be hidden and called "api" brushes? That would have more than one 
> benefit.

That's a possible solution. But I would prefer if we added API that
allows scripts to set brush parameters. For backward compatibility, we
could add some code that checks for standard brush names and creates the
appropriate brush on the fly.


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