> I wholly agree. Those un-editable round brushes are
> constantly in the way. Instead having a nice set of 
> different(square, star, calligraphy 
> etc) parametric brushes that are editable from the start
> would make much more sense.
> Not entirely sure if that is needed. Texture brushes 
> people use are very  much up to individual style...

They don't have to be texture-only of course.
I wholly support more generic shapes: circle,
square, triangle, calligraphy, star... Whatever
it is that people may find useful.

However, the textures are there to give new
users a sense of the potential of Gimp brushes.
There doesn't have to be too many though; agreed.
I've never thought of using texture brushes
either though, until I saw a number of speed 
paintings and sketches using stylized brushes. 
It opens up horizons.

Also, I'm aware of the differences in styles,
but that's why I'm against specific shapes,
and aiming for textures that are as generic
as possible: no plants etc please. 

Saying that very generic texture brushes 
conflict with styles, though, is like saying 
that the Plasma, Coffee Stain, Cloud and other 
filters conflict with styles as well: although 
advanced users may want their own custom 
effects, a whole bunch of us would settle for 
anything interesting out of the box.

(what, you think all of the Photoshop users and
all those who have pirated copies of Photoshop
actually produce high quality art with unique
styles using unique brushes?)

Speaking from my own experience, you'd be
surprised by how many people like to mess around
with their program without necessarily anything
professional accomplished. Give them a few good
filters and brushes, and they have fun with
them for some time, and even if they don't
produce high-quality work with them, they still
end up with an overall satisfaction and higher
opinion of Gimp anyway.

Go figure.

As for the rest, I do agree, but I'm aiming for
an approach that for now minimizes the workload
on developers as much as possible. ;) They
obviously have many other concerns to address.

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