Valerie wrote:
 > The other half is that with brush resize in tool options now
 > (where everybody can see it), even "non-editable" round brushes
 > can be rescaled, which means the default distribution should
 > have not 10 round brushes, but 1 (same with fuzzy brushes
 > and maybe calligraphy).
I wholly agree. Those un-editable round brushes are constantly in the 
way. Instead having a nice set of different(square, star, calligraphy 
etc) parametric brushes that are editable from the start would make much 
more sense.

 > By eliminating those and some of the rectangle brushes, you
 > can eliminated about 20 entries, nearly half of the current
 > distribution. Instead, the extra space can be replaced by
 > a selection of texture brushes.
Adding that many texture brushes makes little sense imho....

 > Therefore, without coding, you:
 > - eliminate redundancy in the default distribution
I suppport this one.
 > - allow users to access 20 new texture brushes of various types
Not entirely sure if that is needed. Texture brushes people use are very 
much up to individual style...
 > - all of which are resizeable
Every brush is resizeable... However, there should be a quick way to 
"edit" a brush with single click from the tool options. an edit button 
that opens the brush for editing dependent on brush type. If its a 
bitmap brush as image, if its parametric, in editor.
 > - and all without increasing the number of entries in the default
 > distribution
Decreasing it would be better IMHO.

 > Sure, you can tell users to install their own brushes, but:
 > - 1/3 are too lazy
Because they need nothing more than easy to use parametric brushes.
 > - 1/3 don't even know where to look or don't even think about it
That is IMHO an issue stemming from the fact that gimp hides its 
resources into the hidden user directory. I believe the best thing that 
could be done for it is to move the GIMP user resources folder somewhere 
visible, like the home directory as "GIMP resouces" un *nix and uder My 
Documents as "My GIMP resources" in Linux.

 > - the remaining 1/3 probably isn't thrilled by how the
 > default set is filled up with redundant brushes too

 > I also find the redundant round brushes to be especially
 > bothersome because whenever I Do make an editable brush, I have
 > to find it among all the non-editable ones, especially when I
 > accidentally change the name and it gets lumped with the other
 > round brushes.
Another point I agree to.

 > At the same time, I think forcing (Linux) users
 > to resort to sudo just to get rid of clutter is a bit much
 > (most windows users likely don't know where the directory is
 > in the first place).
Actually both Linux and Windows users an get rid of them by deleting 
system brushes path from preferences but that takes ALL of them away. It 
might be a solution to simply do a one time copy of a resource template 
to the user folder at creation and leave the system wide folders empty 
by default. Then if a sysadmin wants to force a set of whatever 
resources they can, but they can also make them something that new users 
get by putting them into the profile template. Then user has most 
control over what resources are available to this user.
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