> What version of GIMP are you using? We replaced all the roundish 
> pixmap brushes with parametric ones for GIMP 2.4. The actual
> problem is not that the brushes would be pixmap brushes. They 
> are just not editable because they are in the system brush 
> folder. What needs to be done is to add code that makes system 
> brushes editable by transparently copying them to the users 
> folder when the user clicks the "Edit" button.

Actually, I recently installed Gimp 2.5.1. on Kubuntu...

I may not have explained myself clearly: the editable part is
only half of it.

The other half is that with brush resize in tool options now
(where everybody can see it), even "non-editable" round brushes
can be rescaled, which means the default distribution should
have not 10 round brushes, but 1 (same with fuzzy brushes
and maybe calligraphy).

By eliminating those and some of the rectangle brushes, you 
can eliminated about 20 entries, nearly half of the current
distribution. Instead, the extra space can be replaced by
a selection of texture brushes. Though... I'm personally
in favor of "redoing the entire default" rather than "adding
to the current", no offense?

Therefore, without coding, you:
- eliminate redundancy in the default distribution
- allow users to access 20 new texture brushes of various types
- all of which are resizeable
- and all without increasing the number of entries in the default

Sure, you can tell users to install their own brushes, but:
- 1/3 are too lazy
- 1/3 don't even know where to look or don't even think about it
- the remaining 1/3 probably isn't thrilled by how the 
default set is filled up with redundant brushes too

The advantage of a good default is a good first-time impression,
and offering greater out-of-the-box functionality to those who
don't know better.

For example, without adding code, you can tell users "Gimp has 
brushes that allows you to do watercolor or carbon sketches out 
of the box!" 

I also find the redundant round brushes to be especially 
bothersome because whenever I Do make an editable brush, I have 
to find it among all the non-editable ones, especially when I 
accidentally change the name and it gets lumped with the other
round brushes. At the same time, I think forcing (Linux) users
to resort to sudo just to get rid of clutter is a bit much
(most windows users likely don't know where the directory is
in the first place).

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