Geert has made some progress on the patch to improve downscaling quality
in GIMP (http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=464466) and we would
like to include this change for GIMP 2.6. But in order to do this, we
need to know if the approach taken with this patch is indeed an
improvement over the current state. We also need to check that the code
does not break for certain cases. It would be awesome if the main
developers could get some help with this task.

What is needed is a set of examples images of different type
(photographic / graphic design, RGB / grayscale, flat / translucent).
This set of images should undergo various scale operations (much
smaller, smaller, a little bit smaller, a little bit larger, larger,
much larger) using the different available interpolation methods. This
needs to be done before and after applying the patch attached to this
bug report. Note that this requires GIMP 2.5.1 or preferably an SVN
checkout of trunk.

The results of this then should be presented in a comparison chart that
allows us to judge if the patch should be applied for 2.6 or not. Would
be nice to have this on a web page or perhaps as a PDF file. Do we have
any volunteers for this task?


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