Sven Neumann wrote:

> if you don't like it, or it doesn't fit your screen layout, then why
> don't you just turn it off? There's a gimprc option for this and it is
> documented.

Is it documented anywhere other than the gimprc file itself (and now 
this mailing list too!)?  In other words, is it "discoverable"?
As a long time user I'd sooner not waste that screen space either, but 
it would never have dawned on me to go poking around in gimprc if I 
hadn't just read your comment.  I'm not sure I'd have figured out that 
the Wilber was supposed to represent a drop target, either - though the 
tooltip is admittedly a bit of a hint! :)

> There is no UI for it, but that should be OK. There are
> quite a few options that don't have a UI, simply because they are not
> considered important enough to clutter the preferences dialog (which is
> still way too cluttered).

As far as I can tell, the toolbox doesn't currently respond to 
right-clicks at all, so perhaps it's worth considering a right-click 
menu with checkboxes to replace (or just complement) the contents of the 
  Preferences dialog's "toolbox" page.  That's how many programs, from 
the Windows taskbar, to web browsers, to OpenOffice.org, allow the 
visibility of optional UI elements to be set, so would probably be more 
in line with user expectations than checkboxes in an already-crowded dialog.

All the best,
Alastair M. Robinson
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