Flávio Pontes wrote:

> The real problem are all the inconsistencies that have gone into a  
> STABLE release. A release that was supposed to solve a lot of UI  
> problems, but looks like an alpha quality release from the UI  
> viewpoint.

2.6 was to be a gegl-under-the-hood-only version, but we did some
UI renovation as well.

> The most glaring example I can see right now is the supposed  
> transformation of the Toolbox and the dockable dialogs in utility  
> windows. It actually makes the situation worse. Now, if I minimize  
> the "main" window, I can't minimize the other ones. Isn't it great?  
> I really hope it's a bug[...]

there we could tighten up things, yeah. but I fear the fixes may have
to be in gtk. minimising all image windows, or the no-image-window,
should minimise the whole app, meaning the toolbox and inspectors
get hidden.

then there are a couple of dozen window managers out there that do not
implements the display hints as recommended...

anyway, UI changes always provoke reaction(ary uproar). that is why
I'll give it a month to see if it still hurts then. meanwhile I will
take all this energy to see if we can do even better than this.

with regards to horizontal toolbox layouts (the GIMP UI team says:
vertical works definitely better, btw...), if we can find out that
there are only 1 or 2 rows of icons in the toolbox, we could hide wilber
automatically for these cases.


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