Sven wrote:

> Let's have a look at the capabilities that the save plug-ins announce:

thanks for this overview, good for reference.

I saw yesterday how these questions get combined in one dialog.
that is a good thing.

now that with the new spec the Export part is explicit,
I want to make one change: all those questions that can turn
up in this dialog with only one possible answer: just omit them.
with a bit of luck there are no questions and no dialog.

> just a reminder that there are some bug reports about this topic that
> might be worth looking at:
> Bug 75328  – Add "skip this question" to export dialog boxes.
> Bug 75459  – Add persistent defaults for the Export dialog
> Bug 119545 – Merge Export features into the Save dialog
> Bug 164709 – Export dialog should not allow to ignore mandatory
>              export actions

to answer some of the big questions in there:

no, squeezing these export options in the save dialog is not possible.

that Ignore button has to go. what has to be supported is turning
layers/channels/masks into documents, that then can be

I am still tending against a "never show this again" checkbox.
even with a reset in the preferences.


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