Liam wrote:

I had a careful look at this:

> My own workflow for tends to be,
> 1. scan image with xsane plugin
> 2. crop if needed
> 3. save as "306-svens-ankles-raw.png
> 4. either quit after doing several of these, or continue with one...
> 5. use levels, curves, rotate, flatten, and save as
>   e.g. 306-svens-ankles-cleaned.png
> 6. spend up to an hour cleaning up the scanned image, under
>   the same name

I guess you realised by now that with the new attitude GIMP prefers
that you do all this in xcf, so we can fully support you. Then
you can Export to something you consider archival/future proof.

> 7. make jpeg versions at various sizes, by
>   7.1 save as 306-svens-ankles-1.jpg
>   resize image smaller (e.g. to 75%)
>   sharpen, curves etc if needed
>   7.2 save as 306-svens-ankles-2.jpg
>   undo the resize, sharpen, curves etc
>   7.3 resize image smaller (e.g. to 56.25%)
>   sharpen, curves, etc. if needed, and save again...
> and so on, sometimes as many as 10 different sizes.
> So I don't want to have to re-enter the filename 10 times.

we are helping you by keeping the same filename filled in as
default in the export. you remind me here that we can even help
you for the first export by filling in the filename of the xcf.
you also remind me that it is not specified what the default file
type should be for export (it cannot be xcf...) it is easy to
define it as ‘same as last time’ but what will be the very first
default? some truly open format?

> It's important to me that I can see when I saved something in terms
> of undo history / workflow.  I rely on the "*" a lot, from when I
> last saved as PNG.  But, it would be even better if Save and Export
> events appeared in the undo history (even though obviously "undo"
> would have to skip over them, you can't undo a save with most file
> systems!).

the "*" can only help you when saving, that is to xcf.

although Save and Export cannot be real undo list items
(they are not targets or undoable), I can be convinced to
annotate the undo history with the Save and Export moments.


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