On Fri, 2009-03-06 at 17:40 +0100, Sven Neumann wrote:
> I am all for improving this situation. But so far no one has come up
> with a good idea how this could be done. We can't just guess what the
> user might want to do.

We could do better than today.  E.g. export to tiff should be probably
able to handle layers.

My own workflow for www.fromoldbooks.org tends to be,
1. scan image with xsane plugin
2. crop if needed
3. save as "306-svens-ankles-raw.png
4. either quit after doing several of these, or continue with one...
5. use levels, curves, rotate, flatten, and save as
   e.g. 306-svens-ankles-cleaned.png
6. spend up to an hour cleaning up the scanned image, under
   the same name
7. make jpeg versions at various sizes, by
   7.1 save as 306-svens-ankles-1.jpg
   resize image smaller (e.g. to 75%)
   sharpen, curves etc if needed
   7.2 save as 306-svens-ankles-2.jpg
   undo the resize, sharpen, curves etc
   7.3 resize image smaller (e.g. to 56.25%)
   sharpen, curves, etc. if needed, and save again...
and so on, sometimes as many as 10 different sizes.

So I don't want to have to re-enter the filename 10 times.

Why do I not work in .xcf?  Because it's not a published standard, and
most other programs can't handle it, e.g. to show me a thumbnail,
and even GIMP might one day not be able to open the old xcf files.
I do sometimes save as xcf in step 5, to save time, as saving in PNG
often takes several minutes.

It's important to me that I can see when I saved something in terms
of undo history / workflow.  I rely on the "*" a lot, from when I
last saved as PNG.  But, it would be even better if Save and Export
events appeared in the undo history (even though obviously "undo"
would have to skip over them, you can't undo a save with most file
systems!).  So, I want Export to make the star go away, if Save As
will no longer save as PNG.  Otherwise, GIMP sits there for several
minutes and I go off and do something else, and when I come back,
how do I know it did anything? I'll forget whether I saved the file
or not.

For anyone wondering -- I use gimp to rescale and make multiple versions
of engravings, and imagemagick in a script for photos, because
scanned engravings are so much harder to rescale and often need some


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