Sven wrote:

> Alexia wrote:
>> Why would I convert it beforehand? Why would a user need to do a  
>> bunch
>> of actions that serve no purpose, are mostly 100% automatic and even
>> hinder when I want to follow the export action up with a native save?
> Because they are not 100% automatic. There is user choice involved. If
> there wasn't, we wouldn't have that dialog. The dialog basically tells
> you that you forgot to do one or more important steps in your export
> workflow. And it helps you to do them. It does so in the hope that  
> next
> time you will do them yourself.

let me take a nuanced position here:

I agree with Alexia that if there is no choice but only a warning
in an export dialog (looks like it for "Flatten Image" /
"Apply Layer Masks" / "Add Alpha Channel") then that can just be
done. after the spec is implement all exporting is explicit, no
longer sneaky like in 2.6.

I agree with Sven that when there is a choice the dialog(s) must
be shown. I even do not think there should be a ‘never show this again’
option on them (how to get them back when you really need it for that
one project?)

I must also point out that this save + export change is also a
change in attitude for GIMP. it clearly supports that our high-end
users work in no-loss xcf all the time (if they want to store
results) and that also means avoiding doing things like merging,
flattening, applying masks, reducing colours. that is all part of
the export scenario.


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