I know this thread is already getting long, but I'd prefer to see
Export behave similar to:

1. Create a new, multilayer XCF
2. File->Export
3. Name it something.png, click Next
4. Set options, click Save

At no point do I want to be nagged about layers, masks, or anything
else.  If there were a small warning icon (with maybe a turn-down
triangle to display the actual warnings) on the bottom of the option
dialog in step 4, that would be nice - but not necessary.  I know PNG
does not support layers - I do not need the reminder every time.

5. Close the XCF file

At this point I should be prompted to save the XCF "master" file,
since I've only done an export and never saved the original.

I based this on PNG, but I'd like to see this workflow on all
non-natives.  GIF for instance should have the choice to save as
animation displayed on the GIF option dialog - not in the warning
dialog.  IMO, the warning dialog should die ;)

Just $0.02

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