another round of review:

OK, first the 5-slot color history:

> So far, no one has given any feedback on the idea, or indeed any
> acknowledgement of it. This disappoints me

Sorry, I had to think about it more before stepping in to this,
doing that yesterday would have been too fast.

I see we need to maintain the following iron compatibility,
with tools, scripts and users:

- there needs to be a foreground color and an alternate,
   call them fg and alt, and they always need to have a value.

- swapping fg and alt is very important. the magic-X is
   holy for usability sake. in the heat of painting it can
   be pressed with a surprising high frequency, so giving
   any meaning to clicking X twice is not possible.

- the color of fg can be changed (color selector, eyedropper).
   this cannot change the value of alt.

- assigning the default black + white to fg and alt needs to stay.
   way to much meaning behind that, mask painting for instance.

disappointing conclusion: there is not much we can change about
the current fg + bg, except renaming it to fg + alt, and fiddle with
how it is used for instance in Edit->Fill with ..., or for creating
new layers. The 5-slot color history can only work for fg, alt is
not part of that (drag and drop of colors from history to alt could
work, however). fg+history need another key-press than X to cycle

the whole 5-slot color history (plus a pop-up with a lot of more (49?)
older history) can be packed in the current fg/bg color dockable.
toolbox: no, I do not think so.

yesterday I said:
> I can only see this change as an UI
> improvement if it means getting rid of the bg color swatch.
> Only then we can reach the goal of less user thinking,
> instead of more.

hmmm, bg (call it alt) is not going to go away;
getting the bg color disconnected from file flattening during export
is ruined by edge cases;
and the layers always having an alpha: actually, why is that not
simply so today?

> However,
> this may take some consideration as to when to adjust the color
> history, as the color selection dialog of GIMP allows you to tweak
> colors continuously, with no clear indication of when you're 'done'
> selecting a color.

ouch. that is a spanner in the works.

png bKGD: I would say at this point: we stick to how GIMP opens those
pngs now, as new doc or as layer (unless there is a horrible bug in it).
Saving: I say again: avoid using this by default.


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