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David Gowers schrieb:
> When Martin said that, I thought "that just means it's inappropriate
> for us to make the decisions. It doesn't mean we shouldn't do research
> -- in fact, I'm sure Peter Sikking would appreciate it."
> Hence, I've CCed this to the list.

yep. Me too regards this as research, exploring and checking potential
solutions. This is very different from trying to push a certain feature,
requesting 'GIMP should work like this or that'.
Decision time comes when the pros and cons are known and somebody is
actually interested in implementing an idea.

For UI design, the possibilities are endless and i just have no sound base
to think about paint tools and color swatches, so i can contribute very
little but noise here. So far for my personal things ;)

> I've looked at your image, and I'm not sure what it's supposed to be.
> A layout for the OSD? or a toolbox status display? Or something else?

OSD layout. some permutations with the gradient tool in mind.
As it's now on the list, here's for everybody to see:
... just a spontaneous thought


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