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> Hi there!
> I filed a “bug” with an enhancement request to the GIMP Bugzilla, but
> Martin Nordholts told me, to send a mail to the GIMP developers mailing
> list first, so … here it is :)
> I had a kind of map opened as image in GIMP. I used the path tool and
> clicked a path alon a route i want to measure. After i did this i tried
> to get the path’s length. But i noticed really soon, that it is not
> possible to output the path’s total length without learning script-fu.

Hmm - it would probably not be too hard to write a plugin for this.

As a quick test, I created a new image, drew a path, and stroked it.

Then I opened the python console and did:

>>> img = gimp.image_list()[0]
>>> path = pdb.gimp_image_get_active_vectors(img)
>>> len = pdb.gimp_vectors_stroke_get_length(path, 1, 1)
>>> print len

That might choke if you have more than one path - I have not tested.

Is this enough to get you going?

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