Chris Mohler ( wrote (in part)  (on 2009-07-05 at
 What the heck - I added it as a (very) simple plug-in: In 2.6. it returns the length of
 the path on the status bar. I used gimp_message, so IIRC the location
 of the message is configurable. It silently fails if there is no
 active path - it seems to work OK with multiple paths, straight
 lines, and curves. There is no need to stroke the path. You will need
 to have Python installed though...

Works on Windows 2.6.6 but message is displayed in Error console (which I have as one of panels in main dock) not on the status bar. Is this somehow configurable?

Note: IMO this is a feature not a bug since it allows user to change the path and re-measure leaving a "history" record in the Error console.

Unlike some "error" messages posted to Error console it does not auto-raise the error console if the panel it is in is displaying something else.

Note: I tested by using Supernova filter on a white background, selecting white, inverting and then Select to Path and named it Path_A. Response to Measure-Path in Error console was: Path Warning Length of Path_A: 3474 px. That would have taken an extremely long time to calculate with the measure tool :-)

Whether paths are Active or not does not appear to change results - it still shows the measurement.

I created a second much simpler path with Free-Select-Tool then converted to path and named it "Path_B". With the two paths it showed: Length of Path_B: 383 px.

It appears (based on swapping order of paths with drag+drop) that it always shows the length of the lowest path (the one a the bottom of the list)

Bug?: The entry "Filters - Measurement - Path" is always enabled whether or not any path exists (expected) but in Filters-Repeat "Path", Filters-Reshow "Path" and Filters-Recently Used-Path it always shows as Disabled (grayed out).
Is this an easy fix?

For reference in case someone other than Chris knows the answer, text of the python plugin follows:

   #!/usr/bin/env python
   # Author: Chris Mohler
   # Copyright 2009 Chris Mohler
   # License: GPL v3
   # GIMP plugin to measure the length of a path

   from gimpfu import *

   gettext.install("gimp20-python", gimp.locale_directory, unicode=True)

   def measure_path(img, drw):
       path = pdb.gimp_image_get_active_vectors(img)
       len = pdb.gimp_vectors_stroke_get_length(path, 1, 1)
       len = int(len)
       pdb.gimp_message("Length of " + + ": " + str(len) + " px")
       "Measure Path",
       "Measure Length of the Active Path",
       "Chris Mohler",
       "Chris Mohler",
       domain=("gimp20-python", gimp.locale_directory)


Regards ... Alec   (bura...@gmail & WinLiveMess - alec.m.burg...@skype)

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