On Mon, 2009-07-06 at 16:58 -0500, Chris Mohler wrote:

> I had a little trouble finding docs on the named parameters (I ended
> up using help(gimpfu.register) in the console).  I've pasted the new
> register() below - one thing seemed strange: the 'params' parameter
> seems to require that I add the current image and drawable - is that
> correct?  Any other big mistakes here?  ;)

Why does it require that? What's required is that you register all the
parameters that your function actually needs. If you need an image
parameter, then you should have PF_IMAGE in your input parameters. If
you also need a drawable, then this should be followed by PF_DRAWABLE.
But these are by no means obligatory. If you don't need an image nor a
drawable, then you can safely omit them.


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