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> Works on Windows 2.6.6 but message is displayed in Error console (which I
> have as one of panels in main dock) not on the status bar. Is this somehow
> configurable?
> Note: IMO this is a feature not a bug since it allows user to change the
> path and re-measure leaving a "history" record in the Error console.

OK - I don't usually open the error console, but I see the same
behavior in linux with the console open.  I pretty much did just the
bare minimum on the plug-in, but I'm pretty sure it's possible to make
it pop up a message instead, and/or change the message type.

> Whether paths are Active or not does not appear to change results - it still
> shows the measurement.
> I created a second much simpler path with Free-Select-Tool then converted to
> path and named it "Path_B". With the two paths it showed: Length of Path_B:
> 383 px.
> It appears (based on swapping order of paths with drag+drop) that it always
> shows the length of the lowest path (the one a the bottom of the list)

For me, it gives the length of whatever path is selected in the paths
dialog.  I will install the plugin in Windows at some point and see if
I can reproduce...

> Bug?: The entry "Filters - Measurement - Path" is always enabled whether or
> not any path exists (expected) but in Filters-Repeat "Path",  Filters-Reshow
> "Path" and Filters-Recently Used-Path it always shows as Disabled (grayed
> out).
> Is this an easy fix?

I see the same thing here - I'm not sure what's happening.  I will
investigate when I find some time...

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