gg wrote:
> ... much erudition elided...
> 10s may help but IMHO this method of notification is far too unobtrusive.
> The STATUS bar should be for relaying status information. Information 
> that relates to the state of the program. It is used effectively to 
> prompt awareness of hot key combinations etc. This is accessory 
> information that the user may check for or that my just be helpful.
> The text is small and on the periphery of vision when the focus of 
> attention is on the centre of the screen.
> It is NOT an effective way of displaying important error messages that 
> NEED to be seen.
It's right in line with good UI practice.  This message is not status, 
it's an error report and should be displayed in a way such that the user 
HAS to deal with it before moving on.  What they asked for didn't happen 
and they must know.  A modal dialog is an example of how to deal with 
this, a disappearing status message is not.

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