On Mon, 2009-08-03 at 22:25 -0400, Liam R E Quin wrote:

> So I press save, and go for a coffee, and come back confident my
> file was saved, knowing that I'd get huge alarm bells ringing if
> the operation failed.  And your "elevated status" message would be
> as long gone as Sven's much less irritating but basically invisible
> status bar message.
> Please, if I go to overwrite another file, I get a big warning, and
> I want that.
> If I try to save and it doesn't work, I want a warning too.

We are not talking about a save failure here. An image w/o changes does
not need to be saved. So there is no failure here.

We could make the Save action insensitive for an image that is not
dirty, then it would be more obvious that it won't do anything.

> A clear warning not just that one of the gargoyles on the
> gate-posts fluttered one eyelid in the dark when no-one
> was watching.  Make me press OK :-)
> Even if I had previously saved to the same location, GIMP
> is surely not checking things like the USB device ID on a
> remote network drive, and has no idea I changed the thumb drive.

It doesn't even look at the file on disk. It just checks the image's
dirty flag. If you dislike that behavior, there's the 'trust-dirty-flag'
option that you can turn off.


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