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> This thread is confusing me a bit. I have an xcf that I use to
> generate png images for
> a website. If I open the xcf, modify it, then save as png, and then
> quit, the change to
> the xcf is lost with no warning or, as far as I can see, any status
> message. I'm using
> 2.6.6-6.fc11.x86-64. Is this not a failure because I saved the png?

That's another thing. And we believe that we fixed this long-standing
confusion in the development branch by making Save always save to XCF.
You now need to explicitly export your image to PNG and this operation
does not clear the 'dirty' state.

But yeah, this thread is confusing. Instead of filing a bug report about
the fact that changing a comment does not mark the image as dirty,
people have started to accuse GIMP (and its developers) of hiding
important messages from the user. The real problem here is a bug and it
still doesn't have a bug report even though lots of people found the
time to contribute to this thread.

Another problem is that the default for the 'trust-dirty-flag' property
is perhaps not that well chosen. On the other hand, we changed this
before GIMP 2.6 and it took like a year before the first complaint came
in. So it appears to have worked quite well for most people... I am
still convinced that it would be better to change the default back to


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