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> I stress, the reason I knew something was wrong was that the save was 
> too quick , not that the message caught my eye.
> 10s may help but IMHO this method of notification is far too unobtrusive.
> The STATUS bar should be for relaying status information. Information 
> that relates to the state of the program. It is used effectively to 
> prompt awareness of hot key combinations etc. This is accessory 
> information that the user may check for or that my just be helpful.
> The text is small and on the periphery of vision when the focus of 
> attention is on the centre of the screen.
> It is NOT an effective way of displaying important error messages that 
> NEED to be seen.

Important error messages are not displayed in the status-bar. Only
messages of level INFO will be displayed in the status-bar.

For more important messages we are using dialogs currently. It would be
nice if we could instead have an area displayed at the top of the
canvas, similar to what firefox is doing. Fortunately a widget for this
has recently been added to GTK+. So it should be easier to get this done
in the next development cycle when we can depend on GTK+ 2.18.


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