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>   On Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 01:00:15PM +0200, jolie S wrote:
>   > For me the big difference is usability.  When I work in GIMP what
>   > happens to me quite a lot is that I click just next to a window
>   > of an image I'm working on and all my GIMP windows are not shown
>   > on my screen anymore because I activated the application I had
>   > visibly open below the GIMP windows.  To get GIMP back you have
>   > to click on all your GIMP windows in the taskbar.
>   Actually you can work around this problem in your window manager by
>   selecting an image window and pressing the tab key twice. First to
>   hide the docks and the second to bring them back. This has the side
>   effect of raising them to the top of the window stack.

I made a small video of what I mean. 


I hope that is clear :\

Hitting tabs twice doesn't work for bringing everything back. A "single
window" like in Picture Publisher, just to give an example, makes sure that
this problem doesn't even occur. 

>Another way that won't be to everybody's choice is to use focus
>follows mouse without autoraise, and use a shortcut to raise windows
>to the top.

I'm sorry, I'm very tired today so it's probably me, but I don't know what
you mean with this. 

jolie S (via www.gimpusers.com)
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