>>/ For developers: CurlyAnkles gtk+ lib has tab/tile widgets I'm talking
/>>/ about: URL.
> Eeek, here is the missing URL:
> http://curlyankles.sourceforge.net/widgets_docking.html

> Alexandre


I think the term single-window mode is potentially confusing.  
It's how you dock the windows together that gives the user the 
*perceived* single-window or multiple-window mode.

If implemented correctly the user that prefers a multiple-window mode gimp 
see much difference from the existing gimp version to a gimp version that 
supported a 
single-window mode.  
Maybe after an install the gimp could start with a window layout (docking 
that mirrors the existing multiple-window gimp layout; the user could then 
together whatever undocked/floating/torn (terminology???) window he wanted; 
therby creating 
his own single-window mode gimp.

This was one of the goals I was trying to achieve whilst writing the 
curlyankles library; as I 
could see merits in both multiple and single window layout strategies; without 
having to tie a 
user into either.  How could I know how someone else wanted to work?  

Therfore IMHO if implemented correctly single-window and multiple-window gimp 
could both coexist together.


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