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> On 2009-10-21, yahvuu <yah...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> The analogy was given to show why the the current interface to blending
>> (i.e. choosing among a discrete set of layer modes) is a poor one:
> And my message was intended to show why the current interface is a
> very good one...
>> it is both limited and mostly non-intuitive.
> IMO, "non-intuitive" is 100% fault of GIMP developers.  The current
> documentation is plain insulting...

At this point I support banning you from this list for your repeated
insults and self-righteous attitude towards people who are freely
volunteering their time and effort.

Further, insulting people who have very little to do with the subject
is even worse (GIMP documentation is managed by different people,
there is very little overlap between GIMP docs development and GIMP

> Layer modes is a very simple and intuitive concept.  The only thing
> missing is documentation (I'm going to address it in more details when
> the waves from my previous posts would subdue...)

The documentation of layer modes is outstandingly clear and thorough
-- this is largely due to 'scb' and later 'j.h's excellent work, as
you can see in the comments.


The only thing I would change about that documentation if I knew how,
is make the images showing the effect of specific layer modes change
to the base image on mouse-over so you can easier discern the exact

Rather than better documentation, I believe better visualization is
the path to improvement of user understanding:
Using the layer thumbnails (and GEGL cache?) to build a 'preview'
composited thumbnail for each mode and show it  (next to the text or
as a tooltip) would help the user to understand at a glance the
general working of a layer mode they are considering. The composite
thumbnails could be generated on-demand and otherwise in idle time (so
the person who knows exactly which layer mode they need would not be
impacted -- they could select layer mode just as fast as before, and
if they did need the thumbnails, they'd only need to wait a fraction
of a second longer.)
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