Ilya Zakharevich wrote:
> On 2009-10-03, yahvuu <> wrote:
>> Using an analogy, the current situation for blending is like not
>> having the curves tool, but only preset curves to choose from. And
>> indeed there's a relation between curves and blending, for each RGB
>> blend mode can be described as a set of 256 curves, at least within
>> 8bit-accuracy.
> The problem with your proposal is 2-fold:
> [..]

naa, don't worry, this wasn't meant as a proposal to replace layer modes.
The analogy was given to show why the the current interface to blending
(i.e. choosing among a discrete set of layer modes) is a poor one:
it is both limited and mostly non-intuitive. Developing a proper successor for
layer modes remains an open challenge.


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