On 2009-10-21, yahvuu <yah...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The analogy was given to show why the the current interface to blending
> (i.e. choosing among a discrete set of layer modes) is a poor one:

And my message was intended to show why the current interface is a
very good one...

> it is both limited and mostly non-intuitive.

IMO, "non-intuitive" is 100% fault of GIMP developers.  The current
documentation is plain insulting...

Layer modes is a very simple and intuitive concept.  The only thing
missing is documentation (I'm going to address it in more details when
the waves from my previous posts would subdue...).

Hope this helps,

P.S.  WRT "limited": what *exactly* do you want to do which follows
      the semantic of layer modes ("a function of two variables"
      applied to pixels), and you cannot do now (AND would not be able
      to do when "decent groupsing" is allowed)?

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