peter sikking wrote:

> <brainstorm>
> - like a close box [x] on the top-right of the marching ants
> - or (another shortcut actually) press <esc> (may be taken in some  
> states)
> </brainstorm>

I like the close box more (the <esc> button on my keyboard is too far 
away from my tablet, and I think this is the case for most tablet users, 
especially if large ones are used), but what if the selection is bigger 
than the drawing area or if is it in another part of the image than the 
one currently viewed? Then one would have to zoom out/pan again to click 
the box, in other words will have to "search it".

What about showing a small "remove selection" button near the "Toggle 
Quick" Mask button? That would be in my opinion a very logical place for 
the proposed close box [x] to be, would take out very little space and 
be always visible.


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