Sven Neumann wrote:

> I wonder why you need both hands on the tablet. The pros that I have
> seen working with GIMP always had one hand on the keyboard and the other
> hand holding the tablet pen. I don't want to offend you in any way, I
> just would like to understand why using the tablet and the keyboard at
> the same time is not an option for you.

This workflow may be ok with certain types of uses/users (for example 
photo retouching with a small tablet), but personally when I'm drawing 
(main thing I use the tablet for with GIMP) I want, as when I draw on 
paper, to keep the tablet aligned to my main monitor and keep a proper 
body/arm position.

As I'm right-handed, the only places for the keyboard to be would be in 
my case between the monitor and the tablet (where I actually keep it) or 
to the left of the tablet. So the ESC key would be in either cases too 
far away and require tiring and unnecessary stretching of my left arm.

Most tablets have usually a few (4-8 or more depending on the model, 
some may have less) shortcut keys and a touch ring/strip. So the left 
hand (or right hand for LH users) is usually not just lying on the 
tablet doing nothing but has access to a limited set of quickly and 
comfortably reachable keys. It's true that one of them could be mapped 
to the "select none" option, but depending on the user and/or tablet, 
this shortcut might have to be sacrificed for other, more used, ones.

All this without even talking of tablet PCs, tablet monitors, or users 
who use their tablet on their lap like if they were drawing on a 
sketchbook. In these cases keyboard access can be rather inconvenient 
and thus limited to the minimum possible.

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