Patrick Horgan wrote:
> Sven Neumann wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Sun, 2009-11-01 at 09:29 -0800, Patrick Horgan wrote:
>>> Yea!!!  Seems like an obvious idea now that I've heard it that would 
>>> make tablet user's lifes more happy:)  Although, if you think about why 
>>> I would be wanting to get rid of the selection, I'm probably going to 
>>> have to scale or select another layer or something that is also less 
>>> than optional.  If we could have two little buttons it would be much 
>>> better.  The first, the aforementioned selection canceler, and the 
>>> second, something that does the same toggle as hitting <TAB>.  I love 
>>> the <TAB> keyboard shortcut, but to use it I usually have to set down my 
>>> tablet and reach over to the keyboard, which breaks the flow.
>> I wonder why you need both hands on the tablet. The pros that I have
>> seen working with GIMP always had one hand on the keyboard and the other
>> hand holding the tablet pen. I don't want to offend you in any way, I
>> just would like to understand why using the tablet and the keyboard at
>> the same time is not an option for you.
> One hand on the tablet and the other on the pen doesn't leave a third 
> for the keyboard.  Have to set down the tablet or the pen, and since I 
> usually use my left hand for <TAB>, and for the tablet, it's the tablet 
> that's set down.  I have the tablet, a wacom, in my left hand.  I 
> imagine that I could set the tablet down and still use it, but it 
> doesn't feel right.  Maybe if I had a bigger tablet?  The keyboard goes 
> up to the edge of the desk, where would I put the tablet but holding 
> it?  You've really confused me Sven.  My insecure side says maybe I'm 
> using my tablet wrong?  But seriously holding it works like holding a 
> tablet for me--it's natural.
> Patrick

sounds a bit like holding your mouse mat whilst using the mouse to stop 
it sliding around.

I would suggest finding a _hardware_ solution to freeing up the other 
hand rather than forfeiting use of the keyboard.


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