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> I wonder why you need both hands on the tablet. The pros that I have
> seen working with GIMP always had one hand on the keyboard and the other
> hand holding the tablet pen. I don't want to offend you in any way, I
> just would like to understand why using the tablet and the keyboard at
> the same time is not an option for you.

After some of these replies, just wanted to say that this describes
*exactly* how I work.  In addition to the actual drawing/editing I
also need to track email and web pages, so I need to be able to jump
between kb+pad and full kb easily (pretty much just drop the pen into
my lap and start typing).

I'd like to ask the folks who do not keep a hand on the keyboard: how
do you save files?  How do you enter text into GIMP?  Do you not use
modifier keys when selecting/drawing?  I find that just about
everything I do (in any drawing program) requires both hands - but I
would like to hear more about how others work.

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