SHIRAKAWA Akira wrote:
> ...elision by patrick...
> I like the close box more (the <esc> button on my keyboard is too far 
> away from my tablet, and I think this is the case for most tablet users, 
> especially if large ones are used), but what if the selection is bigger 
> than the drawing area or if is it in another part of the image than the 
> one currently viewed? Then one would have to zoom out/pan again to click 
> the box, in other words will have to "search it".
Exactly my problem.  When I'm using my tablet, keyboard shortcuts 
ain't.  And something that's part of the marching ants won't be visible 
when I'm doing detail work.
> What about showing a small "remove selection" button near the "Toggle 
> Quick" Mask button? That would be in my opinion a very logical place for 
> the proposed close box [x] to be, would take out very little space and 
> be always visible.
Yea!!!  Seems like an obvious idea now that I've heard it that would 
make tablet user's lifes more happy:)  Although, if you think about why 
I would be wanting to get rid of the selection, I'm probably going to 
have to scale or select another layer or something that is also less 
than optional.  If we could have two little buttons it would be much 
better.  The first, the aforementioned selection canceler, and the 
second, something that does the same toggle as hitting <TAB>.  I love 
the <TAB> keyboard shortcut, but to use it I usually have to set down my 
tablet and reach over to the keyboard, which breaks the flow.


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