On 09.01.2010 14:27, peter sikking wrote:
> Damien wrote:
>> I started working on "bug 373060 - allow to easily switch to last  
>> used tool" and ran into design problems, so am I taking this here. I  
>> already have a strong idea on what the feature should be
>> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=373060
> I think what needs to be filtered out of that bug is that users' need to
> have a small ad-hoc arsenal of tools + tools settings + resources  
> (colors,
> brushes, etc.) to quickly switch between to complete their current task.
> the context swapping solution is both too simple with two (current/ 
> previous)
> tools + tools settings slots, and too opaque in how it works UI-wise
> with only one shortcut to do two things: store and recall. so actually
> two shortcuts are needed to do things. and those are only shortcuts,
> where is the primary UI that it is a shortcut for?

Just an idea I had reading this:
I could imagine that a good solution would be some kind of registers,
where the actual tool and setting can be stored with a shortcut.

For example (I don't know if these shortcuts are already used by gimp,
it's only to show the idea) I have my brush with the settings and store
it with Strg+Shit+1 to register 1. Then I can switch to another tool (or
change the settings) and store it with Strg+Shift+2 to register 2. Now I
can switch with Strg+1 and Strg+2 between the both registers. So I have
up to 10 registers with tools and settings that I can easily switch

The UI could be a register (sub)menu with store and load options for
each register or even better an own dialog where all 10 (or only the
used) registers are shown. Each with a small description of the tool
that is stored there.

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