hi all,

Liam R E Quin wrote:
> A nicer way to do this might be the ability to drag an icon from
> Tool Options onto the toolbox to make a "new tool" that's really
> a combination of default settings for an existing tool?

in my mind, it's quite the other way round:
An icon in the tool box represent a tool type
and a Blob-o-Paint represents a fully setup tool.

Ennobling Blobs-o-Paint to be 'proxy' paint contexts, i.e. you
can apply tools and filters to BoPs just like you do on a layer,
seems to open up a host of IxD options:

- Wanna paint with saturation?
  Create a new BoP to specify the shape (i.e. spatial setup), then
  make it the current paint context and use Colors->Saturation on it.
  Eh voila, your 'magic paint' brush is ready.

BoPs could also be split to represent 'double action' settings - then users
can build their own dodge/burn, blur/sharpen, grain merge/extract tools etc.


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